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Kapil Tripathi


Kapil K Tripathi

Scientist- E
 M.Sc in Electronics
Head of Division: Science on Television
Coordinator: Activity Kits and Toys development programme

  Job Description
  • To coordinate, all activities associated with the Science on Television, Division of Vigyan Prasar which includes evolving new projects, policy, programmes, planning and execution related to the production of science and technology based video programmes, broadcast and telecast of programmes through different channels, dubbing/repackaging of video programmes in other Indian languages, publicity etc.
  • To coordinate, Activity Kits and Toys development programme of Vigyan Prasar which includes developing low cost scientific activity kits, toys, and experiments and demonstrating them among the common mass through workshops, training programme and using other mediums of communication.
  • To organize workshops/seminar at national level to promote activity based science learning among teachers and students.
  • To develop scientific content for electronic (TV/Radio), print (research journals/book/magazines/newspapers) and digital (VP's YouTube and others) media as a science communicator.
Email-ID : kapil[at], kapiltripathi[at]
Telephone : 0120-2401721, 0120-2404430, 35 Ext. 207
Fax : 0120-2404437