VIgyan Prasar NETwork (VIPNET)

VIPNET Current Issue:  June-July 2015 (PDF Version)

Registration for new clubs has been started. You are invited to join the network of science club.

VIPNET stands for VIgyan Prasar NETwork of science clubs. The VIPNET programme was initiated nationwide in the year 1998 to reach out and engage with science clubs and organizations working in the field of science; willing to coordinate with Vigyan Prasar for a concerted out come.

By December 2014 around 12449 clubs registered with VIPNET. Recently Vigyan Prasar started a process of re-registration to add further value to the dynamics of engagement with clubs already registered. 1031 clubs re-registered in this process and have validated the review. Vigyan Prasar will further rationalize this engagement to strengthen the outcomes of the network. You are welcome to join the efforts.


An active and fully functional science club working in any part of the country can be a part of VIPNET by simply registering with Vigyan Prasar.

There are a few guidelines to join the VIPNET: 

  • The new and existing clubs will maintain their own identity and carry out programmes as per their convenience.
  • No registration or affiliation fees are charged for enrolling with VIPNET.
  • The image with VIPNET logo and the statement below must be mentioned in the Club’s activity back drop / signboard / literature they produce while conducting programmes, events, workshops etc.
  • Only one club will be allowed to registered on one address & coordinator name.

Objectives of VIPNET are to:

  • Work as local activity centres of Club with Vigyan Prasar.
  • Disseminate information on science & technology (S&T).
  • Reach out to fellow citizens especially in remote areas to popularize science.
  • Stimulate spirit of curiosity, inquiry, innovation and creativity to supplement conventional education and foster scientific temper &
  • Make science an enjoyable and interesting pursuit.

Why should a newly formed or existing Science Club seek affiliation with VIPNET?

A simple, yet pertinent reason is the opportunity to serve as part of a national network of science clubs. Clubs can overcome several physical and notional barriers of an isolated unit and partner an exciting national movement. The network will therefore help:

  • Access communication materials provided by Vigyan Prasar free of cost or at attractive discounts (depending on availability).
  • Exchange view and ideas, express opinions and gain insight (s) into a vast array of activities of other VIPNET clubs through the VIPNET newsletter.
  • Participate in programmes including trainings and campaigns organised by Vigyan Prasar.
  • Get together with other science clubs at the regional level to form cluster to organize such programmes as trainings, workshops, jathas, lecture-cum-demonstrations etc. for which Vigyan Prasar could provide assistance in the form of resource persons, course materials and kits, and other necessary inputs- in response to a proposal for specific activities &
  • Get national exposure and recognition through the VP Web page on the Internet.

How to form a new science club and join VIPNET?

Any youth /adult with a group of children can discuss the formation of a science club with friends and people in the area he / she resides in. At least 10 members should join together to form a club. The proposed name of the club has to be provided in the VIPNET membership form. Affiliation would be conferred after completion of necessary procedures.

Guidelines for each registered club:

  • VIPNET logo with club ID must be used in each activity.
  • VIPNET logo and club ID must be clearly visible in the photographs of the programmes, events and workshops conducted by the club.
  • Activity report must be submitted in the format provided on the website and/or placed in the brochure.
  • Report can be submitted through emails, post, online or by hand. Report must be supplemented with photographs of the programme. Reports without photographs will not be considered as proper reports.
  • Mere participation of a club member in any workshop, programme etc will not be considered as a part of report.
  • I-cards provided will be valid for one year only.
  • Vigyan Prasar reserves the right to change, update or cancel the facility provided to the clubs as demanded by circumstances.

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