Tarron Ki Sair                                   

“Tarron Ki Sair” Telecast Timing Every saturday: 10.30-11.00 hrs..
Repeat telecast : Monday 17.00-17.30 hrs.
VP Science video serial “Tarron Ki Sair” is being telecasted from 26 November 2011 in Lok sabha TV at 10.30-11.00 hrs. Where are we, where have we come from, what are those stars that twinkle in the night sky, why moon makes the celestial show of eclipse and phases, what is at the far reaches of the universe, how did this universe came about and how do we know all these are some of the questions that have baffled and fascinated the humans from the beginning. This 26 part video serial being produced by Vigyan Prasar along with reputed production houses (Newtek Video Vision, Pulse Media PvtLtd, Credence Media Solutions Pvt Ltd, UTV software communication Ltd, Beacon Television and Grey Films) aims to provide information in an entertaining way. Each episode has an element of simple ‘do-it-yourself’ activity that viewers can try at their home and the programme is enriched with ample animations and simulations to explain the unseen processes. Shots in locations all over India, from Hanle in Laddak to Solar observatory in Kodaikanal, the series highlights the contribution of ancient India as well as efforts made in modern times. Thus this serial stands apart from others made on the subject.

Constellations and Rashis (zodiacs), apparent movement of stars in the night sky, astronomical thoughts in ancient India, Babylon and Greece, how our ideas of sun centered solar system evolved over a period of time, contributions of Newton and Einstein to understanding the universe, invention of telescopes and how it changed the way astronomy is done, development of modern telescopes like radio, infrared, x ray and gamma ray telescopes, planets in solar system, extra solar planet, process of the birth and death of stars, weird astronomical objects like black hole, quasars, pulsars, how did our universe came about are some of the themes covered in the series. At the end of each episode a simple quiz is posed to the viewers and select viewers who provide correct answers are rewarded with publications of Vigyan prasar.