Experiments That Shaped Our World                                    

Vigyan Prasar Presents New Video Serial ‘Experiments That Shaped Our World’
 ‘Every Tuesday on DD National at 08.30-09.00 AM. From first November, 2011
Science Video Serial ‘‘Experiments That Shaped Our World’ will Telecasting from first November, 2011 in DD National at 08.30-09.00 am. A 26 part video serial ‘Kuch Tukke … Kuch Teer - prayog jinhone duniya bdal di’ (Experiments That Shaped Our World)” produced by Vigyan Prasar, Department of Science and Technology. Each episode is devoted to a specific great experiment such as discovery of x rays, discovery of green house effect, discovery of Macromolecules, discovery of Penicillin, Morgan experiment, Griffith’s experiment, developments in cognitive sciences, green revolution, discovery of Blood types, discovery of vaccination, measurement of Atmospheric pressure, discovery of Semiconductor, Measuring the cosmos etc.

End of every episode one quiz for viewer’s also attractive feature of programme. Vigyan Prasar will send attractive prizes to 5 winners.