Public Awareness Campaign on Nuclear Energy
Regional Workshop Reports Energy is the most fundamental requirement of every society or nation to climb the ladder of development. There are many sources of energy including conventional, non-conventional and clean fuels.

The challenge of global climate change and decarbonisation of present energy systems are of utmost importance. Nuclear power and other clean energy options have the potential to meet the challenge of energy poverty and limiting future greenhouse gas emissions.

To popularize clean energy options in national interest Vigyan Prasar is involved in “Public Awareness Campaign on Nuclear Energy” to spread awareness and understanding on nuclear energy which will help in inculcating logical reasoning skills and building scientific temper in society communicate & disseminate knowledge on Nuclear Energy.

Media Workshop Reports Under this campaign following activities are planned:

Audio-Visual material on Nuclear Energy
Publications (Books, Posters etc.)
Media Workshops for journalists
Regional Workshops for students, teachers, farmers and health workers
Youth parliament/Quiz / Competitions etc.
Dissemination of literature on Nuclear Energy

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Vigyan Prasar
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