New device may help reduce neonatal mortality

Shillong, November 04,2017 (India Science Wire): India had a neonatal mortality rate of 25.4 per 1,000 livebirthlast year. In other words, an average of little more than 25 children out of 1,000 live births diedwithin 28 days of their births. [read more]

The dice has no memory: some random tales

New Delhi, November 03,2017 (India Science Wire):‘Once is chance, twice is coincidence, third time is a pattern' is not always correct. If in a roll of dice, six comes thrice in a row, we think either the dice is loaded or the person is cheating or that in the next row, the odds of getting six are pretty low. [read more]

Tsunami forecast set to move to the next level

New Delhi, November 03,2017 (India Science Wire): Disaster management authorities are all set to get a new tool to handle tsunamis. They will be able to know how far the waves will move into the land at different places along the Indian coast. This will mark a significant jump from the present forecasting system which can only indicate time of arrival and wave height.[read more]

Floods in polluted rivers can pollute groundwater too

Vasco da gama (Goa), November 02,2017 (India Science Wire): A new study has pointed out that flooding in polluted rivers has the potential to make groundwater unsafe for human use. In December of 2015, when Chennai was flooded and people were marooned, a team of scientists from Anna University was collecting groundwater samples [read more]

Indian scientists detect new strain of dengue virus

New Delhi, November 02,2017 (India Science Wire): Scientists at Pune-based National Institute of Virology (NIV) have found a new genotype of dengue virus in patients who suffered due to one of the worst epidemics in recent years in Tamil Nadu.[read more]

गोमती के जल, तलछटों और जलीय पादपों में भारी धातुओं का स्तर चिंताजनक

Vasco da gama (Goa), November 01,2017 (India Science Wire): लखनऊ में गोमती नदी प्रदूषण के कारण काफी समय से सुर्खियों में बनी हुई है। अब वैज्ञानिकों ने अपने शोध से गोमती के जल में हानिकारक भारी धातुओं के होने की पुष्टि की है। पहली बार गोमती में आर्सेनिक की उपस्थिति का भी पता चला है। भारी धातुओं का मतलब ऐसी धातुओं से होता है जिनका घनत्व 5 से अधिक होता है और जिनकी अत्यधिक सूक्ष्म मात्रा का भी पर्यावरण पर खासा असर पड़ता है। इनका निर्धारित सान्द्रण सीमा से अधिक पाया जाना वनस्पतियों, जीवों एवं मानव स्वास्थ्य के लिए हानिकारक होता है। [read more]

New technologies can help leather industry in its makeover

New Delhi, November 01,2017 (India Science Wire): Leather industry is on the threshold of a new path. Long vilified as one of the most polluting, it may soon see an image makeover with adoption of new technologies and processes developed by the Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI) at Chennai.[read more]

Fight against drunken driving set to get a fillip

New Delhi, Octomber 31,2017 (India Science Wire): It will probably now become more difficult for those who drink and drive to escape long arms of the law. The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) here has set up a facility for calibration of alcohol breath analysers used by police. [read more]

How checklist culture of ISRO can help cut errors in emergency rooms

New Delhi, Octomber 31,2017 (India Science Wire): Saving a life in an emergency room of a hospital can be as tough and challenging as launching a rocket. Both situations involve great team effort, quick decision making and precise working of machines.[read more]

Finally, antiviral drug for dengue in the offing

New Delhi, Octomber 30,2017 (India Science Wire): The war against dengue could soon get a new weapon. Scientists at the New Delhi-based International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) are in the final stages[read more]

New vaccine against TB on the horizon

New Delhi, Octomber 27,2017 (India Science Wire): Scientists hope to have a formidable weapon against tuberculosis in the form of a new vaccine very soon. Called VPM 1002, the vaccine is based on the BCG vaccine that is in use. Only, it promises to be more powerful and efficacious.[read more]

Stem cell discovery in fruit flies may help understand muscle disorders in humans

New Delhi, Octomber 27,2017 (India Science Wire): Indian researchers are trying to understand the mystery of muscle related problems like Muscle Dystrophy, a progressive muscle disorder where muscles fail to recover after damage, using advances in stem cell science.[read more]

Areas selected for smart city development are heat islands: study

New Delhi, Octomber 26,2017 (India Science Wire): The phenomenon of urban heat islands, in which concrete and built areas in cities experience higher temperatures than surrounding rural areas, may get accentuated with rapid urbanisation.[read more]

भारत में भी उग सकते हैं रजनीगंधा के रंगीन फूल

New Delhi, Octomber 26,2017 (India Science Wire): रजनीगंधा के फूल अपनी अद्भुत सुंदरता व भीनी-भीनी दिव्य सुगन्ध और अधिक समय तक ताजा बने रहने की प्रकृति के कारण पुष्प व्यवसाय में एक विशेष महत्त्व रखते हैं। भारत में इसकी ज्यादातर सफेद फूलों वाली किस्मों की ही खेती की जाती है।[read more]

Those who exercise in large parks in cities are less prone to depression

New Delhi, Octomber 24,2017 (India Science Wire): Availability of large neighbourhood parks encourages people to increase their physical activity, and those suffering from chronic conditions[read more]

Scientists develop new compound for controlled delivery of aspirin

New Delhi, Octomber 24,2017 (India Science Wire): Researchers at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, have developed a new chemical compound that could be used to deliver aspirin in a controlled manner.[read more]

Study in mice red flags black tea during pregnancy

New Delhi, Octomber 23,2017 (India Science Wire): Black tea may be gaining popularity among people for health reasons, but a new study in laboratory animals has shown that consumption of black tea may be harmful during pregnancy and lactation.[read more]

Single drug as effective as combo for Lymphatic Filariasis

New Delhi, Octomber 23,2017 (India Science Wire): Lymphatic filariasis (LF), a parasitic disease commonly known as elephantiasis, continues to be a public health problem in parts of India.[read more]

India’s methane emissions stable: study

New Delhi, Octomber 18,2017 (India Science Wire): A group of researchers have concluded that there has been no increase in the levels of methane emissions in India between 2010 and 2015.

This is the first time that an independent assessment of India’s methane emissions has been carried out.[read more]

वैज्ञानिकों ने नमी की कमी में उगाई जा सकने वाली किस्मों के लिए मेथी के आनुवांशिक गुणों की खोज की

New Delhi, Octomber 18,2017 (India Science Wire): स्वास्थ्य की दृष्टि से बहुत गुणकारी मेथी की नई किस्मों को विकसित करने के लिए भारतीय कृषिवैज्ञानिकों ने महत्वपूर्ण शोध किए हैं। आईसीएआर-राष्ट्रीय बीजीय मसाला अनुसंधान केंद्र, तबीजी, अजमेर के वैज्ञानिकों ने पानी की निम्न उपलब्धता वाले स्थानों में भी मेथी की पैदावार बढ़ाने के लिए 13 विविध आनुवांशिक गुणों (जीनोटाइप) वाले मेथी के बीजों के परीक्षण किए। [read more]

Heatwaves projected to become more frequent in India

New Delhi, Octomber 17,2017 (India Science Wire): Heatwaves in India are projected to become more frequent during the current century under different climate change scenarios, a new study has concluded.[read more]

Silence evades silence zones in India

New Delhi, Octomber 17,2017 (India Science Wire): The neighbourhoods of hospitals are declared as silence zones so that patients receiving treatment are not disturbed. So are areas around schools, colleges, courts and other such places that need to be noise-free. [read more]