हिमयुग के अंतिम वर्षों में मानवीय पलायन में शामिल थीं महिलाएं

New Delhi,February 15,2018 (India Science Wire):ब से जीवधारियों के जीनोम को पढ़ना और जीन्स को क्रमबद्ध करना संभव हुआ है, तब से मानव विकास क्रम के बारे में कई नए खुलासे हो रहे हैं। अब भारतीय शोधकर्ताओं द्वारा जम्मू-कश्मीर में किए गए एक ताजा अध्ययन में पता चला है कि प्लाइस्टोसीन या हिमयुग के अंतिम दौर और उसके बाद भी एक जगह से दूसरी जगह होने वाले मानवीय पलायन पूरी तरह पुरुष प्रधान नहीं थे, बल्कि इसमें महिलाएं भी शामिल थीं। [read more]

Scientists identify potential early biomarker for Alzheimer’s

New Delhi,February 13,2018 (India Science Wire):In a significant advance in understanding of Alzheimer’s disease, scientists at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru, have figured out the way memory deficit develops in early stages. [read more]

New technology may help scale up memory storage capacity

New Delhi,February 13,2018 (India Science Wire):Silicon-based memory devices such as hard drives and flash drives are in high demand for gadgets that require storage.

Conventional semiconductor material-based memory devices have limited scale-up ability to increase their storage capacity. [read more]

New initiatives to boost technology incubators

New Delhi,February 12,2018 (India Science Wire):The government has decided to set up 15 new biotechnology incubators and another 15 new technology business incubators during the coming financial year. [read more]

C V Raman Fellowships bring African and Indian researchers closer

New Delhi,February 12,2018 (India Science Wire):At the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) here, Abdelkarim Dafalla Elfadil from Sudan is working on a new mechanical device which will help sowing of seeds,irrigate fields and apply fertiliser in one go, using technology developed at the institute’s division of agricultural engineering. [read more]

Scientists uncover mechanism of joint cartilage formation

New Delhi,February 12,2018 (India Science Wire):Joint pain due to osteoarthritis is an emerging health problem.

Researchers are engaged in developing new strategies for osteoarthritis treatment based on regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and gene therapy. [read more]

Inspired by a Bollywood flick and power of Facebook, Indian scientist builds army of e-astronomers

Hyderabad,February 09,2018 (India Science Wire):If anybody can become a dancer as depicted in 2013 Bollywood dance drama, Anybody Can Dance (ABCD), directed by choreographer Remo D'Souza, why can’t anybody become an astronomer and make new discoveries? [read more]

Volcanic spewing in Barren Island is continuation of 2005 eruption: study

New Delhi,February 09,2018 (India Science Wire):A recent study by scientists from the Indian Space Research Organization has concluded that the volcanic spewing that happened in 2017 in India’s active volcano site - Barren Island - is a continuation of the eruption that took place in 2005. [read more]

भारत में सुदूर संवेदन के जनक : पिशरोथ रामा पिशरोटी

New Delhi ,February 09,2018 (India Science Wire):आज कई क्षेत्रों में सुदूर संवेदन का उपयोग किया जा रहा है। चाहे बात प्राकृतिक आपदाओं से हुए नुकसान की हो या फिर भौगोलिक नक्शों की। हर क्षेत्र में सुदूर संवेदन का दखल है। सुदूर संवेदन के उपयोग के लिए भारतीय अंतरिक्ष अनुसंधान संस्थान यानी इसरो ने कई उपग्रहों को प्रक्षेपित किया है।[read more]

India gets robotic telescope to keep an eye on dynamic cosmos

Hyderabad ,February 08,2018 (India Science Wire):Stars and galaxies in the universe may appear to be static to us as they are located millions of light years away. But the universe is actually dynamic with events occurring in timescales much shorter – years, days and even hours. [read more]

Concern over gender gap in astronomy

Hyderabad ,February 07,2018 (India Science Wire):It is a subject that is not much spoken about in scientific meetings.But breaking from the tradition of academic societies, the Astronomical Society of India (ASI) has taken a bold step by putting gender bias on its agenda. [read more]

Are we alone in this universe? Big data algorithms may help find answer

Hyderabad, February 07,2018(India Science Wire)The search for life outside the earth is all set to get intensified.

Indian astronomers have developed a new technique to know if any of the newly discovered exoplanets - planets outside our solar system – are potentially habitable.[ read more]

India needs more astronomers, astronomy education

Hyderabad ,February 06,2018 (India Science Wire):New discoveries in astronomy in recent years have generated a lot of excitement globally, and Indian scientists have contributed to them in large measure. [read more]