Solution to drug resistant kala-azar on cards

New Delhi, May 26 (India Science Wire):Kala-azar or visceral leishmaniasis is a public health problem in parts of India and of late, it is posing a new challenge due to the rise of drug resistance. Now a group of Indian scientists have figured out underlying reasons for the disease-causing parasite, Leishmania donovani, to become resistant to drugs. [ read more ]

Animal derived 'hanging drop' cells to help in liver studies

New Delhi, May 26 (India Science Wire):The human body is a complex interplay of different organs with specialized functions. Scientists have been working for decades trying to understand normal functioning of the human body and in doing so they often look deeper into body structures of animals which mimic human organs like liver and heart.[ read more ]

रिमोट सेंसिंग से हो सकेगा फसलों के नुकसान का सटीक आकलन

25 मई, नई दिल्ली (इंडिया साइंस वायर): बारिश और ओलावृष्टि जैसी प्राकृतिक आपदाओं के कारण होने वाले फसलों के नुकसान का आकलन रिमोट सेंसिंग तकनीक की मदद से अब ज्‍यादा सटीक तरीके से किया जा सकेगा।[ read more ]

Climate change to impact rice productivity

New Delhi, May 25 (India Science Wire):Global climate change is projected to have wide ranging effects on the environment and on socio-economic and related sectors. Indian agriculture scientists have found that rising temperature will adversely hit rice productivity in the country. [ read more ]

Indian breakthrough in arhar holds promise

New Delhi, May 25 (India Science Wire):An international team of scientists led by Indian researchers has re-sequenced the genomes of 292 pigeon pea varieties - arhar or tur dal - from around the world to discover new traits that may be exploited in future to develop better varieties of pulses. [ read more ]

Scientists demonstrate new approach to kill bacteria

New Delhi, May 24 (India Science Wire): Indian scientists have demonstrated an interesting approach of killing bacteria with non-biological material - nanocomposites. Conventionally antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections but in recent times, due to rampant and irrational use of antibiotics bacterial strains have developed resistance to drugs.[ read more ]

Get ready for magic of vanishing shadows

New Delhi, May 24 (India Science Wire):“Our shadow will follow us everywhere”, says an old Tamil proverb. On two days in a year, however, this does not hold true. On ‘Zero Shadow Days’ no shadow of vertical objects is cast as the sun is at the zenith at noon on two particular days.[ read more ]

S&T Ministry announces new scheme to attract foreign scientists

New Delhi, May 23 (India Science Wire):As part of an exercise to promote ‘brain gain’ as against brain drain, the Ministry of Science and Technology is all set to launch a new scheme next month to get distinguished scientists from abroad to work in India. [ read more ]

India to get next-gen supercomputer for weather forecasting

New Delhi, May 22 (India Science Wire): The Ministry of Earth Sciences is all set to have the third best computing facility in the entire world with the induction of next generation supercomputer with a capacity of 15 petaflop in the next six months. [ read more ]

जब साथ छोड़ देती है परछाई

24 मई, नई दिल्ली (इंडिया साइंस वायर): बचपन से हमें पढ़ाया जाता है कि सूर्य पूरब में उगता है, परछाई हमेशा साथ साथ चलती है, हर दिन मध्यारह्न के वक्तर सूर्य सिर के ऊपर होता है और दिन-रात की अवधि हमेशा बराबर होती है। लेकिन, खगोल वैज्ञानिक इन चारों धारणाओं को गलत ठहराते हैं। [ read more ]

खतरनाक हो सकती है चर्म-शोधन कारखानों के अपशिष्ट जल से सिंचाई

22 मई, नई दिल्ली (इंडिया साइंस वायर): पानी की कमी के चलते अप शिष्टम जल का उपयोग दुनिया भर में सिंचाई के लिए होता है। लेकिन ऐसा करना मिट्टी और भूमिगत जल की सेहत के लिए ठीक नहीं है। कानपुर में चमड़े का शोधन करने वाली इकाइयों से read more ]

Scientists develop software to predict ailing heart

New Delhi, May 22 (India Science Wire):Scientists have developed a computer programme that can monitor irregular heartbeats of a patient and can predict if the patient is suffering from heart disease. [ read more ]

Evidence of water from Persian Gulf and Red Sea found in Bay of Bengal

New Delhi, May 22 (India Science Wire): In a finding that could help in better understanding of future global climate scenario, scientists have found evidence that waters from Persian Gulf and Red Sea make their way into the Bay of Bengal also. [ read more ]

Indian kids all set to showcase innovative ideas at global meet

New Delhi, May 19 (India Science Wire):Cycling is increasingly becoming popular as a sport. But incessant backache is a problem that a cyclist has to often contend with. Studies have shown that 45 per cent of cyclists in the world suffer from back pains, of which 23 per cent remain chronic.Presently, cyclists either opt for curative treatment through physiotherapy or undergo muscle movement analysis using expensive devices. [ read more ]

Hypertension high in rural areas, linked to kidney disease as well

New Delhi, May 19 (India Science Wire) :Hypertension or high blood pressure is an important risk indicator for chronic kidney disease, a study done in three villages of Karnataka has revealed.Most of the people included in the study were in age group 18-90 years and had agriculture as their primary occupation.[ read more ]

Indian scientists discover new drug for depression and anxiety

New Delhi, May 18 (India Science Wire):Psychological disorders that affect mood,emotion, and cognition are a rising global health concern. These include depression,anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, dementia, Alzheimer’s and cerebral ischemic stroke.[ read more ]

Alien weed rings alarm bells in Northeast

New Delhi, May 19 (India Science Wire):It is an invader nobody has seen on our borders but it can play havoc with the country’s biodiversity.An alien weed, Ludwigia Peruviana, is posing a threat to biodiversity in parts of Assam, particularly the catchment area of river Dhansiri and eastern part of river Kopili, scientists have reported while expressing concern that it can spread to other areas in the northeast India. [ read more ]

सिर्फ सब्सिडी से नहीं मिलेगा हरित ऊर्जा को बढ़ावा

19 मई, नई दिल्ली (इंडिया साइंस वायर) :भारत में हरित ऊर्जा का उत्पाोदन बढ़ रहा है, लेकिन उपभोक्तााओं के बीच इसके उपयोग को लेकर कई भ्रांतियां हैं और लोग कोयले जैसे पारं‍परिक ईंधनों पर ही भरोसा करते हैं। हरित ऊर्जा को लोकप्रिय बनाने के लिए उपभोक्ता ओं की इस धारणा को बदलने और इसके प्रति उनमें भरोसा पैदा करने की जरूरत है।[ read more ]

Wildlife experts want plan to save rare bird in troubled Kashmir

New Delhi, May 18 (India Science Wire):Western tragopan is a medium-sized brightly plumed pheasant found along the western Himalayas from northwestern Pakistan through Jammu and Kashmir into Himachal Pradesh and possibly the western pats of Uttarakhand. It is highly endangered and globally threatened.[ read more ]

Indian scientists develop transgenic rice that can withstand drought

New Delhi, May 17 (India Science Wire): A group of Indian, Chinese, and Canadian scientists have developed transgenic rice that gives high yields even under severe water deficit.The new rice variety has been developed by transferring a gene from a common plant, Arabidopsis thaliana, into a variety of Indian rice called samba mahsuri. [ read more ]

CWG legacy project on air quality spreading to more cities

New Delhi, May 17 (India Science Wire) : The Commonwealth Games (CWG) which India hosted in 2010 may have been forgotten for various reasons but one of its legacy projects is thriving and helping citizens with air quality information.[ read more ]

President presents National Technology Awards

New Delhi, May 17 (India Science Wire) : President, Pranab Mukherjee, on Thursday presented the national awards for excellence in technology to mark the 19th National Technology Day. [ read more ]