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ID     :343
Title: Witness to the meltdown
Author: Dinesh C.Sharma
ISBN: 978-81-7480-266-8| Type: Paperback
Pages: 82+ ix
Price: 200
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ID     :342
Title: Moments in Mathematics
Author: Rintu Nath
ISBN: 978-81-7480-224-8| Type: Paperback
Pages: 122
Price: 110
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ID     :341
Title: Story of Evolution
Author: Govind Bhattacharjee
ISBN: 978-81-7480-279-8| Type: Paperback
Pages: 293+vii
Price: 175
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ID     :340
Title: Some Pioneers of Mathematics
Author: Subodh Mahanti
ISBN: 978-81-7480-264-4| Type: Paperback
Pages: 239+ix
Price: 200
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ID     :339
Title: The Story of a stone
Author: D.N Wadia
ISBN: 978-81-7480-219-4| Type: Paperback
Pages: 20
Price: 25
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ID     :338
Title: Rockets and Beyond
Author: VP Balagangadharan
ISBN: 978-93-5067-6707| Type: Paperback
Pages: 97
Price: 125
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