"Understanding & Managing Disasters"

Name of the Episode
1. Curtain Raiser Hindi    English
2. New Approach in Managing Disasters Hindi  English
3. Classification of Disasters Hindi  English
4. Earthquake Hindi  English
5. Earthquake profile of India Hindi  English
6. Landslide, Mudflow and Snow Avalanches Hindi  English
7. Tsunami Hindi  English
8. Interactive Episode Hindi  English
9. Floods Hindi  English
10. Droughts Hindi  English
11. Tropical Cyclones Hindi  English1/English2
12. Fresh Flood or cloud Bursting Hindi  English
13. Thunderstorm, Hail storm & Dust storm Hindi  English
14. Heat & Cold wave Hindi  English
15. Interactive Episode Hindi  English
16. Biological Disaster Hindi  English
17. Industrial Disaster Hindi  English
18. Fires & Forest Fire Hindi  English
19. Mine Disaster Hindi  English
20. Nuclear Disaster Hindi  English
21. Interactive episode Hindi  English
22. Accidents Hindi  English
23. Stampede and Collapse of Huge Building Hindi   English
24. Mainstreaming of Disaster Risk reduction in development strategy Hindi  English
25. Nation Action Plan on climate change Hindi  English
26. Summarizing up & Interactive episode Hindi  English
Concept note for new Radio Serial "Understanding & Managing Disasters"