"Atom to Star"

"परमाणु से सितारों तक"
Name of the Episode
1. Introduction Hindi  English
2. Atoms - The building blocks of matter Hindi  English
3. Discovery of the Atom Hindi  English
4. Atoms as we know today-I Hindi  English
5. Atoms as we know today-II Hindi  English
6. Into the atom Hindi  English
7. Interactive Programme Hindi  English
8. Periodic Table-I Hindi  English
9. Periodic Table-II Hindi  English
10. Atoms and Electricity Hindi  English
11. Chemical reactions Hindi  English
12. Inorganic and Organic molecule Hindi  English
13. Molecules that changed our lives-I Hindi  English
14. Molecules that changed our lives-II Hindi   English
15. Interactive Programme Hindi  English
16. Petroleum products, industry Hindi  English
17. Genetically modified crops etc Hindi   English
18. Nanotechnology Hindi  English
19. Promise of nanotechnology Hindi  English
20. Breaking of Atom-I Hindi  English
21. Breaking of Atom-II Hindi  English
22. Stellar spectra Hindi   English
23. Is anybody out there? Hindi  English
24. Conditions necessary for life Hindi  English
25. Summarizing the Hundred Years of the Atom Hindi   English
26. Concluding Interactive Programme Hindi  English
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