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Functions and Duties  



Job description


Dr. R. Gopichandran

Director, Vigyan Prasar
  • Overall supervision - Vigyan Prasar

Maj Somesh C Jhingan

  • As Head–Administration of the Institute, responsible for smooth and efficient functioning of all facets related to:

    Human Resource Development; Human Resource Management; Personnel Management; General Administration and Establishment matters; Finance and Accounts; Legal matters; Logistics and Materials Management.

Dr. T.V. Venkateswaran

Scientist 'F'
  • Development of programme ideas for generation of audio software and production of audio science serial.
  •  Audio science programmes for World Space Radio, All India Radio and Gyan Vani.
  •  Catalyze and produce popular science video programmes.
  •  Creation of minimum facility for audio-video production.
  •  Development, design and creation of science communication multimedia software such as PPT shows; CD-ROMs etc.,
  • Academic programmes and Research in the area of 'History of popular science' and 'science and media'.

Mrs. Kinkini Dasgupta Mishra

Scientist 'F'
  • Maintaining S & T Information repository.
  • Design and Development of Websites
  • Development of interactive CD-ROMs on popular science topics.
  • Conducting lecture series and online chat session.
  • Preparation of VP reports like monthly report for cabinet , Annual Report, Annual Plan etc.



Mr. Rintu Nath

Scientist 'F' Information Technology
  • Design, development and dissemination of PC interfacing tools for scientific experiments.   See Details
  • Design and development of interactive multimedia CDs on scientific concepts.
  • Overall supervision of VP Website, Digital Library and Discussion Forum.
  • Undertaking collaborative projects with other scientific organisations.
  • Undertaking student projects (BE/BTech - Computer Science, MCA)

 Dream 2047

  • Overall supervision in bringing out monthly bilingual science magazine Dream 2047

Mr. B.K.Tyagi

Scientist 'E'
  • To evolve a plan for systematic growth of science clubs activity in the country.
  • To organize training programmes to popularize science in urban and rural areas.
  • To  bring out suitable literature and the monthly newsletter for Vigyan Prasar Networks of Science Clubs.
  • To initiate relevant activities like field trips, workshops for students/teachers/resource persons.
  • To develop and maintain the database of activities of science clubs.
  Mr. Kapil Tripathi Scientist 'E'
  • Development of activity kits /toys/experiments/teaching modules on different scientific themes for school children and teachers.
  • Organizing workshops/demonstration programme for promoting activity based science learning.
  • Development of Radio Science Programmes.
  • Writing articles/News/ Science quizzes for the magazines and newspapers.
  • Coordinating all the library related activities of Vigyan Prasar.
  Mr. Sandeep Baruah Scientist 'E'
  • Promotion of Ham radio through a number of activities like organising awareness and demostration programmes in schools, colleges and various other welfare institutes/organisations.
  • Promotion of Ham radio through publications and electronic medias, Internet etc; organising workshops, training programmes. Maintaining of VHF repeater station VU2DLR and club station VU2NCT.
  Mr. Arvind Ranade Scientist 'E'
  • Design and development of Astronomical Kits, interactive multimedia CDs for Space Science and Astronomy.
  • Organize ‘Telescope Making’ workshops for school students, teachers and amateur astronomers.
  • Organise and workout the astrophotography through small telescopes, astronomical events like Night sky Watching, Meteor shower observations, Solar, Lunar Eclipses, transits of inner planets etc..
  • Participate in National campaign/workshops to keep update about recent developments in Space Science and Astronomy.
  Mr. Nimish Kapoor Scientist 'D'
  • Coordinator:-
    VIPNET, Vigyan Prasar Network of Science Clubs.
    VIPNET is a network of more than five thousand Science Clubs all over India.
    VIPNET arrange Science Activity/Communication Training Workshops/ Seminars to strengthen these clubs.

  • Associate Editor:-
    VIPNET News, Monthly News Letter, focussing Popular Science Activities.
Shri Gaurav Jain

Jr. Scientific Officer
  • Development of interactive multimedia CDs on popular science topic.
  • Development of Quiz Programmes on various topics.
  • Design and Maintenance of Database of Dream 2047.
  Shri Manish Mohan Gore

Jr. Scientific Officer

Co-ordinating the printing of Vigyan Prasar publications, Dream 2047, quality control of  books printing, inviting quotations for VP publications.

        Supervising in various book fairs.