This Database will contain information on Science Journalists, Script Writers, Reporters & Communicators etc., handling science popularization tasks/activities


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Knowledge about science and technology (S&T) is inevitable in this modern hi-tech world. There is a great demand for communicating and/or popularizing science among the masses.


The Constitution of India has a special provision ‘to develop the scientific temper, humanism and spirit of enquiry’. The S&T Policy of India stresses on the dissemination of scientific knowledge and inculcation of scientific temper among the masses. Most of the S&T and related institutions or laboratories have a social mandate for science popularization and development of scientific temper among the masses.


Today, science communication is a fast-emerging field of scientific enterprise both in the developed and developing countries. Therefore, trained science journalists, script writers, reporters and communicators are in great demand in different media outlets, and the S&T and related institutions or laboratories. Recognizing this scenario, Vigyan Prasar (VP), NOIDA was set-up as an autonomous organisation in 1989 under Department of Science and Technology, with the objectives to take up large-scale science popularization tasks/activities, to promote and propagate scientific and rational outlook, to act as a resource-cum-facility centre for S&T communication. In this pursuit, Vigyan Prasar (VP) has felt the need to develop a Database of Science Communicators in India in collaboration with the Manpower Management Centre (MMC), New Delhi which has the expertise of developing such databases.



The database document will serve as a useful source of information for scientists, technologists, implementing institutions, planners and policy makers. The database will also demonstrate to students in schools and colleges the kind of opportunities available in the field of science communication and also that there is a cadre of excellent science communicators in India. Their profiles will also serve the purpose of role models to inspire & attract students in selecting a career in science communication.


The services of the listed Science Communicators can be made use of by various government and non-government agencies in diverse areas like evaluation/comments on science popularization tasks/activities, associate them as members of different task committees, training programmes & seminars etc.


The following Questionnaire can be filled up by:

  • Working Indian Nationals, resident in India or abroad, who have experience in Science Popularization/Communication tasks and activities.


  • Retired but active for last 10 years in Science Popularization/Communication tasks and activities.


  • Freelancers who work on Science Popularization/Communication tasks and activities.


  • Fresher - Persons who have completed their Degree in Science Communication but do not have any work experience in Science Popularization/Communication tasks and activities.


  • Those who do not have S&T background but have attended to science popularization tasks and activities or have written on science communication.

Please also forward or give a photocopy of this Questionnaire to your colleague(s) and friend(s) who may be working on science popularization/communication tasks and activities with a request to him/her on our behalf to enroll himself/herself in this Database. OR you may kindly send his/her address (E-mail ID) to us for mailing a Questionnaire directly to him/her. This questionnaire can also be downloaded from our Website:


This Questionnaire duly completed may please be returned to us by e-mail or by post at the earliest at the following address:


Prof. Y.L. Nangia


Manpower Management Centre

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Mobile: +91 9811345676, Tel: +91-11-26101416 (O)




This Database is being prepared by VIGYAN PRASAR in collaboration with MANPOWER MANAGEMENT CENTRE NEW DELHI