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Earthquake Kit
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Understanding Earthquakes – An Activity Kit

We cannot prevent Earthquakes, however, we can significantly mitigate their effects by identifying their hazards, build safer structures and communicate information on Earthquake safety among people.  Identifying this as a necessity, Vigyan Prasar has brought out  an  activity kit on Earthquake, with the central message of “Earthquakes; we cannot avoid them.  Let preparedness protect us.”  Quite a few activities like Cutout of Interior of the Earth and Seismological observatory;  How to locate an epicenter, Flip books on various types of fault, simple demonstration of seismic waves  with a slinky, three dimensional model of Earthquake faults, global mosaic of tectonic plates and on activity to understand the principle of seisomograph, colour activity sheet for  seismic zones of India;  Do’s and Don’ts during  and after an Earthquake;  Mini book on Earthquake related terms and activities to  understand resistant structures, are the highlights at the kit.

Besides being an activity package, the kit is also useful for training programmes on Earthquake awareness.  A comprehensive book titled “Earthquakes” by Dr. S. Mahanti also accompanies the kit.  

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