Activity Based Science Learning

Activity Kits
1. विज्ञान के प्रयोगों के लिए कंप्यूटर इंटरफ़ेस / PC Interface for Science Experiments 2. आधुनिक भौतिकी का उदय किट / Emergence of Modern Physics
3. खगोल विज्ञान किट /Astronomy Kit 4. भूकंप किट / Earthquake Kit
5. जैव विविधता किट / Biodiversity Kit 6. Visual Books
7. मौसम किट / Weather Kit 8. Chemistry Activity Kit (Hindi/English)
1. Total Internal Reflection 9. Dancing Bottle
2. Underwater Optics 10. Water floating on water
3. Burning candles in limited air 11. Balancing the Nails
4. Boiling water with cooling it 12. The obedient bottle
5. A magnet falling through a conducting tube 13. Rolling is easier than sliding
6. Why does water not fall? 14. A drop of water makes slides stick together
7. The rotating straw 15. Images with a glass
8. Hot air is lighter 16. A game with nails and balloons
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